'Late Night' Unveils Spoof Drug To Help Sexual Predators Sleep At Night

But Pervatol can't "erase your history of sexual assault and harassment" or "absolve you of your guilt and shame."

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers has a possible solution to sexual predators’ sleepless nights.

On Thursday’s show, Meyers played out a spoof commercial for “Pervatol” — a fake sleep aid that helps predators forget their behavior so they can enjoy sweet dreams.

As the female voiceover notes, however, the pills “in no way, shape, or form can erase your history of sexual assault and harassment” or “absolve you of your guilt and shame.”

“In fact, those who take Pervatol should be aware that within our current climate, these accusations will come out soon than later,” the narrator adds, before issuing a final threat to perpetrators.

Check out the full spoof ad above.