Seth Meyers Trashes 'Shameless' Republicans For 'Monstrous' Hypocrisy

The late-night host went after Republicans who want to slash Medicaid while jetting around on private flights.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers called out members of the Republican Party on Thursday for rushing to pass yet another health care bill that would slash funding for Medicaid and not guarantee coverage for preexisting medical conditions. 

Meyers contrasted the position with reports on how members of President Donald Trump’s administration have been using military or private planes rather than taking commercial flights. 

Earlier this week, Politico reported that Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price took five private flights for domestic work trips just last week. The news come on the heels of revelations that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asked to use a government plane for his European honeymoon. Such a plane would cost American taxpayers an estimated $25,000 per hour to operate. Mnuchin also used a military plane for a trip to Kentucky that coincided with a viewing of the total solar eclipse, a rare event he later said he didn’t care about.

“So these guys think millions of people should have their health care ripped away from them, while they spend thousands on private jets and eclipse trips they don’t even care about,” Meyers said. “Could Republicans really be shameless enough to pass this monstrous bill?”

Check out Meyers full takedown in the video above.



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