Seth Meyers Shreds 'Lowlife' Donald Trump For 'Lying To The Elderly'

"How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food?"

Late night host Seth Meyers did not hold back in ridiculing Donald Trump Thursday night over the president’s budget proposal to slash federal funding from multiple programs that aid the elderly and poor.

Meyers took particular issue with Trump’s decision to eliminate funding for a government program that partially funds local Meals on Wheels programs. He asked the president, “How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food?”

Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney said that funding would be cut because the popular meal-delivery service is “just not showing any results.” But research suggests otherwise, as the program delivers food to elderly people and others with disabilities who have trouble leaving their homes. Such meal-delivery programs have been linked with helping individuals stay out of nursing homes. The programs have also been linked to better nutritional health.

Meyers pointed out that “old people voted” for Trump. “They believed you when you said you cared about them,” he added. “There’s nothing more lowlife than lying to the elderly.”

Watch the full take-down in the clip above.

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