Seth Meyers' Gross Subway Joke Explains Why Trump's Treason Threats Stink

The "Late Night" host examined the meltdown of the president and his advisers in the face of the impeachment inquiry.

Seth Meyers told a joke Monday that might put you off public transit and President Donald Trump forever.

The “Late Night” host was deriding the president for threatening treason charges against those who “dare to investigate his abuses of power” in the Ukraine whistleblower scandal.

A House impeachment inquiry is gaining steam as more details emerge about Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president in which he allegedly pressured the foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden and his son to aid Trump’s reelection.

“The only thing stopping our system from just collapsing is that everyone just ignores him,” Meyers said. “We’ve all gotten to the point where we have to treat the president of the United States like a guy taking a [bleep] in the subway car. At some point, everyone’s just gonna move to the other end of the country.”

Watch the whole “Closer Look” above to see how Trump’s cronies have jumped to his defense, and his “Scooby sandwich of crimes.”