Seth Meyers Turns Ted Cruz's Past Words About Birthright Citizenship Against Him

Old footage of Cruz talking about the 14th Amendment has not aged well.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is bowing down to former nemesis President Donald Trump and wholeheartedly supporting the president’s bid to end birthright citizenship.

But that wasn’t always the case for the Canada-born lawmaker, as “Late Night” host Seth Meyers showed Thursday.

Meyers aired footage of Cruz claiming this week to “have long supported ending birthright citizenship.”

“I would need to examine the legal arguments behind an executive order, and I haven’t seen those yet,” added Cruz, who’s facing a tough re-election challenge from Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

The late-night host then played video of Cruz, during his 2011 Senate run, explaining how “the 14th Amendment provides for birthright citizenship.”

“I’ve looked at the legal arguments against it, and I will tell you, as a Supreme Court litigator, those arguments are not very good,” he said at the time. “As much as someone may dislike the policy of birthright citizenship, it’s in the U.S. Constitution.”

Check out the clip above.

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