Seth Meyers To Lara Trump: Before You Offer Hush Money, Do The Math

"So let's see, $15K a month times 12...."

For Seth Meyers, host of “Late Night,” the tape Omarosa Manigault Newman released this week to promote her new book shows some surprising ineptitude ―  on the part of President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law.

On the recording, Lara Trump can be heard offering the fired White House aide a $15,000-a-month job with the 2020 campaign and indicated that it would be important to stay “positive” about the president. Then she began calculating what the monthly payment would be to as an annual salary.

“Maybe next time you’re offering someone hush money to keep ’em quiet, do the math before you get on the phone,” Meyers said. “So let’s see, $15K a month times 12. Let’s see, and we’re going to carry the one. That’s $180,000 a year plus, of course, $5.99 for a roll of duct tape.”

Omarosa did not accept the job, but Meyers said the tape shows how Donald Trump handles personnel matters.

“So first they hire Omarosa, then they fire her, then they try to hire her again to buy her off,” Meyers said. “This is how Trumpism works. Everyone is conning everyone else. And in the process, they’re conning us, too.”

Check out the video above to hear what Meyers said about Rudy Giuliani.