Seth Meyers To Trump: 'Uh Oh! You Have DEMENTIA!'

The "Late Night" host rips the president for his "bizarre rant" about the Tallahassee trail at a rally in Ohio.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers ripped President Donald Trump on Monday, zeroing in on what he called Trump’s “bizarre rant” at a political rally in Ohio over the weekend.

Trump used the occasion to brag about helping defeat U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina in that state’s Republican primary by supporting Sanford’s opponent, Katie Arrington. Sanford has been critical of Trump, and the president has responded by repeatedly bringing up the 2009 scandal in which then-Gov. Sanford falsely claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail when he actually had gone to Argentina pursuing an extramarital affair. 

Trump, at the Ohio rally, exulted in Arrington’s primary victory. ”She beat a man that likes flamenco dancers from Argentina. He was supposed to be vacationing on the Tallahassee trail, but he was actually in Argentina. I don’t know, Jim, do they have a Tallahassee trail in Argentina?” 

Meyers said: “No, they don’t. And they don’t have one in America either. Tallahassee trail sounds like a cheap ripoff of the Oregon Trail ― the year’s 2018, and you must survive the treacherous journey from Tallahassee to your private golf course in New Jersey. Your only supplies are your private jet and a bucket of KFC and ... uh oh, you have DEMENTIA!”

Check out the video above to see what Meyers said about “flamingo dancing.”