Seth Meyers Sums Up Everything You Hate About 'True Detective' Season 2

Welcome to the world of "True Detective," where even the sun is too f--king scared to rise.

"True Detective" Season 2 is torturing fans so bad even the Yellow King would be like, "Whoa, chill out, bro." But don't worry. Seth Meyers just made it all worth it.

In Meyers' new game show, "Fortune Cookie or 'True Detective,'" contestants need to guess if a quote is from a fortune cookie or the show, but really it's just about showcasing every ridiculous "True Detective" reference they can fit in. From its beyond brooding characters to random sex stuff to an inexplicably depressing lounge singer (seriously, who hired her?), Meyers kills the show worse than those people who murdered Ben Caspere with blue diamonds while Rachel McAdams was living in a hippie commune and Colin Farrell was growing a mustache.

Or, you know, whatever "True Detective" Season 2 is about.

(Colin Farrell being all, "We get it. It's confusing. Just shoosh!")

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"Late Night with Seth Meyers" airs weeknights at 12:35 a.m. ET on NBC.

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