Seth Meyers Airs Fox News Moment That’s A Bad Sign For Donald Trump

The former president received a very stark message in the segment.

Seth Meyers on Monday highlighted an interview on Fox News that went against the conservative network’s usual Donald Trump-boosting grain.

Commenting on Trump being ordered to pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million for defamation, George W. Bush-era Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo said:

“The whole point of this, this enormous damages, unprecedented damages now, is to tell Donald Trump to shut up. Stop attacking people who are no longer public citizens, stop attacking people when you’ve already lost and the court has already said what you’ve done is liable. By continuing to defy the court by saying these things he’s showing a fundamental disrespect for the justice system and for the views of his fellow citizens, the jurors. I mean, it’s not a judge who is punishing him. This is a randomly selected jury of his peers.”

Meyers commented, “You know it’s bad when even Fox News, the network that gives Trump unfiltered airtime, is telling him to shut up.”

Watch the video here:

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