Seth Meyers: Trump's New Grift 'So Much More Pathetic' Than Anyone Imagined

The former president's "major announcement" was, of course, fodder for the "Late Night" comic.

Former President Donald Trump teased a “major announcement” this week, and it turned out to be comedy gold ― and, according to Seth Meyers, a “major dud.”

“Trump has been bizarrely quiet the last few weeks, which is suspicious, given he’s supposedly running for president of the United States,” the “Late Night” host said Thursday. “But then yesterday he posted an image of himself in this Superman-style costume with laser eyes and the text: ‘America needs a superhero! I will be making a major announcement tomorrow.’”

The teaser led to widespread speculation that perhaps there had been a development in his presidential bid or that he might return to Twitter, or maybe a twist in his mounting legal woes.

“But when Trump finally posted his major announcement today,” Meyers said, “it turned out to be so much more pathetic than anyone could have possibly imagined.”

Watch his roast below on “Late Night.”

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