Seth Meyers Rips Trump's 'Malignant Narcissism' and Lies

The "Late Night" host says the president knows "that it's obvious he's lying."

Seth Meyers attacked the lies of President Donald Trump and his administration on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Late Night.”

“Trump’s only political skill is his total and complete lack of shame,” Meyers said. “His malignant narcissism allows him to confidently and brazenly lie in a way that most other politicians would be too embarrassed to even try.”

Meyers then broke down how Trump does it.

“He just confidently tells a very specific lie,” Meyers said, “knowing that it’s obvious he’s lying.”

After showing a clip in which Trump referred to an unidentified president serving for 16 years, Meyers explained that no U.S. president had served that long.

Then pretending to be Trump, Meyers said: “In one case, there was a president who served 16 years. This was, of course, 1492 when Columbus sailed all the way to India with his best friend, Albert Einstein. And they had so much fun on that boat, so much fun. That’s where they came up with E=MC Hammer.”

Check out the video above to see what Meyers thinks about Brian Doocy of Fox News and Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager.



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