Seth Meyers: Trump's Now In 'Limp Dick City'

The "Late Night" host said the president's Charlottesville response lacked a certain something.

Seth Meyers trashed President Donald Trump on Monday night for taking two days to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis after they inciting violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

“We happen to have a president who has no problem quickly condemning things when he feels like it,” Meyers said. “Trump has a permanent hard-on for condemnation, yet when it came time to condemn white supremacists and Nazis, it was Limp Dick City.”

The “Late Night” host played Trump’s initial response to the violence in Charlottesville, in which one person was killed and 19 others were injured. The president blamed “many sides” for the events that occurred.

“That statement was so limp, he should have concluded by saying, ‘This has never happened to me before,’” Meyers joked.

Watch the whole takedown in the video above.

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