Seth Meyers Calls Out Trump Administration's Plan To Cut Taxes For The Wealthy

"Thank God someone is finally looking out for the wealthy people with big stock portfolios," Meyers says.

At a rally in Florida this week, President Donald Trump demonstrated that he “has no idea how daily life works for the average American.”

While advocating that Americans be required to show photo ID when they vote, Trump said that even when you buy groceries, “you need a picture on a card – you need ID.”

“No, you don’t,” Seth Meyers said Wednesday on “Late Night.”

Meyers added that the president was even more misguided about how Americans viewed taxes.

“True to form, the president who thinks you need ID to buy groceries also thinks that voters are demanding more tax cuts for rich people,” he said, “because the Trump administration is putting together a plan to do just that, this time without going through Congress.”

The Trump administration wants to change the way capital gains are handled, a move that would save $100 billion for wealthy people with big stock portfolios, The New York Times reported.

“Thank God someone is finally looking out for the wealthy people with big stock portfolios,” Meyers said. “Seriously, they already got a $2 trillion tax cut just a few months ago. These people are relentless. They won’t be happy until this country is just 10 trillionaires and 300 million people fighting over one Go-Gurt.”

Check out the video above to hear what Meyers said about Paul Manafort’s trial.