Seth Meyers: Trump's Foreign Policy Is 'Let's Piss Them Off, See What Happens'


What does President-elect Donald Trump’s history of making false statements have in common with his approach to foreign policy? A problematic relationship with facts, as Seth Meyers put it Monday night.

The “Late Night” host took a closer look at Trump’s phone conversation with Taiwan president Tsai Ying-wen, a decision that enraged China, which claims sovereignty over the island. Beijing lodged a diplomatic petition Saturday over his actions.

“Whatever your thoughts are on China, it’s a delicate, important relationship ... so any action that China might see as as provocative should be done only after a long period of careful study and consideration,” Meyers said. 

“Or if you’re Trump, you could just say, ‘Screw it. Let’s piss them off right away, see what happens.’”

Meyers’ characterization was said in jest, but it actually echoes comments that Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore seriously made on Monday.

If China doesn’t like it, screw ’em,” Moore told the hosts of the Big John and Ray radio show, according to CNN.

“We gotta stand by Taiwan,” he continued. “We see what’s happening in China with the way they’re saber-rattling out there in the East, and it’s about time we do what Reagan did: We stand up to these bullies and say we’re not gonna let you do this.”



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