Seth Meyers Reveals His Writers' Rejected Jokes But 'Worst Offender' Is Awesome

The "Late Night" host playfully shamed his staff, but Mike Scollins proved he's good even when he's bad.

Seth Meyers held a “Surprise Inspection!” of his writers’ rejected jokes on “Late Night” Tuesday, and some were truly groan-worthy — like the wandering goats about whom Meyers was supposed to crack (but thankfully didn’t): “I’d tell you what the goats said when they were arrested but we’d have to bleat it out.” (Watch the video below.)

Meyers eventually highlighted his “worst offender,” Mike Scollins, a punchline artist who writes jokes that are either “monologue-worthy or absolute shocking garbage,” according to the host.

But Scollins’ unaired work that Meyers revealed ― about dolphins, McDonald’s, Dr. Seuss and Michael Jackson ― proved to be darkly hilarious, though sometimes tasteless. Even the boss conceded that one of them should have been included in a monologue.

Fast-forward to the “worst offender” segment at 5:00:

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