Seth Meyers' 'Newspaper Movie' Parody Might Be Better Than 'The Post'

There, we said it.

The 2017 Oscar-nominated film “The Post,” which details The Washington Post’s controversial publication of the Pentagon Papers, has reintroduced us to that very specified cinematic genre of movies about newspapers.

Prior to that, we had “Spotlight,” the 2015 film about The Boston Globe exposing a massive sex abuse coverup within the Catholic Church, 2007′s “Zodiac,” about the infamous serial killer, and 1976′s “All The President’s Men,” about the Watergate scandal. All of these occupy a well-deserved place within the movies about newspapers genre.

But with his new parody, “Newspaper Movie,” “Late Night” host Seth Meyers beats those films at their own genre. It’s by far the most newspaper movie you will ever see.