Seth Rogen Getting Stoned And Watching 'Cats' Is Your Quarantine Happy Place

The "Knocked Up" star's live-tweeting of the film just made the coronavirus pandemic a little easier to deal with.

Getting high and watching the panned movie version of “Cats” won’t treat coronavirus. But if you’re Seth Rogen, it will make people laugh.

The “Knocked Up” actor live-tweeted the experience on Tuesday and was a stream-of-consciousness star. Perhaps holed up like many of us as the pandemic spreads, Rogen began:

“I’m pretty stoned and watching Cats. I’ve never seen the broadway show. It is truly trippy. Am I supposed to know what a Jellicle is? They’ve said it 200,000 times but I don’t know what’s happening haha.”

He wanted to know if the cats were really wearing little Chuck Taylors and lamented the indignity that Judi Dench may have suffered in this flop.

Read a sampling of Rogen’s comments below and wonder why your self-quarantine isn’t nearly as funny.