Seth Rogen's 'Freaks And Geeks' Audition Is The Best Thing Ever

He may be everyone's favorite laidback stoner now, but before "Superbad", "Pineapple Express" and "Knocked Up" made him a household name, Seth Rogen was just another baby-faced newbie who actually had to audition for roles.

If you're not familiar with "Freaks and Geeks" -- and shame on you if you aren't -- the comedy show created by Judd Apatow, starring Jason Segel and James Franco (among others), first aired in the '90s, later becoming a cult classic. The show centered on a brother-sister duo who, along with their friends, tried to navigate the trials and tribulations of high school. Rogen played Ken Miller, a guy unimpressed with pretty much everyone and everything, whose constant state of apathy might have been influenced by the amount of weed he consumed on a daily basis.

Sound familiar? The scruffy beard hasn't grown in yet, but you can still recognize Rogen by his signature sarcastic style.

Warning: This video has the power to make you feel older than you already do.



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