Seth Rogen Lip-Syncing 'Hotline Bling' Is Seriously The Best

On repeat.

Seth Rogen appeared on “The Tonight Show” on Friday, where he faced off against host Jimmy Fallon in one of our favorite, albeit understated, lip-sync battles to date. 

Fallon kicked things off with Kent Jones’ “Don’t Mind,” for which he had some serious choreographed hand moves. Then Rogen upped the ante by lip-syncing to a live rendition of The Roots’ very own track “Mellow My Man.” He also opted to use a pick comb ― possibly lent by Questlove ― in place of a microphone. 

Fallon tried to redeem himself with his second song, “Slam” by Onyx, but was outdone once again by the “Sausage Party” star, who went back to his Canadian roots for round two. As soon as Fallon was finished, Rogen swapped his suit jacket for a gray knit turtleneck, which can only mean one thing: “Hotline Bling.” Rogen went all in for his performance of the Drake song and, to be honest, he may have done the rapper’s dance moves better than him. 

Watch the whole hilarious video above. 



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