Seth Rogen Shows Off Weed Invention That'll Be High Point Of Your Day

The "Santa Inc." star just gifted the internet with his pot-loving genius.

Seth Rogen demonstrated a joint-rolling tray he says he invented, and it’s all in the delivery.

Rogen, the “Santa Inc.” star who moonlights as a pot connoisseur and entrepreneur, showed off the reefer prep platter as if he were a pitchman on a late-night infomercial. He posted the video on Twitter Sunday and it has since gone viral. (Watch it below.)

“If you’re like me you roll a lot of joints ― so many many joints that you decided that you had to invent your own rolling tray to accommodate your joint-rolling needs,” he said.

Rogen walked viewers through the tray’s grinder, paper dispenser and filter holder compartments, and then expertly rolled a joint like he’s done before on social media.

Is it just us, or does his “invention” look kinda like a tricked-out seder plate?

Rogen, who launched his weed company Houseplant in the U.S. in March, then proudly noted that there’s “even an ashtray.”

“Is that adorable?”

Though Rogen is hardly the first to come up with the idea for a rolling tray, people on Twitter sure liked his creation, including “Frozen” star Josh Gad.

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