Seth Rogen Is 'Flattered' That People Think A Dog Looks Just Like Him

"I’ve been tagged by dozens of people saying I look like this dog," the actor tweeted.

Seth Rogen has no bones to pick over being told he looks like a dog.

Specifically, a dog whose photo went viral this week over the pup’s uncannily human-looking eyes and what looks like a slight grin.

“I’ve been tagged by dozens of people saying I look like this dog and I couldn’t be more flattered,” the actor wrote in a Thursday tweet.

For reference, here’s Rogen:

Can you see the resemblance?
Can you see the resemblance?
Rachel Luna via Getty Images

The dog in question is actually Nori Porkchop, an Instagram-famous toy Australian shepherd and toy poodle mix who resides in Seattle. Nori’s photo went massively viral after Twitter account 41 Strange shared it, writing, “Just look at his eyes and smile.”

The photo was originally posted in June 2018 on Nori’s Instagram, where there are plenty more of the wise-eyed dog and his best friend, a Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix named Boba.

“Nori is very sweet. He wants to be friends with everyone, all dogs and all humans,” Nori’s human and social media manager Tiffany Ngo told Seattle Refined. She added that Boba is also sweet but is a “little more stubborn.”

And while many people thought Nori was a dead ringer for Rogen, others have compared his cute mug to Albert Einstein and the Mona Lisa.

Kevin Hurless, Nori’s other human, told Seattle Refined that in the past, the pup has also garnered comparisons to Chewbacca, Ewoks and actor Jeff Daniels.

In the end, maybe Nori really just looks like himself.

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