Seth Rogen Teaches Snoop Dogg To Roll A Cross Joint, Learns The Origin Of The Word Chronic

Seth Rogen Teaches Snoop Dogg How To Roll A Cross Joint

Remember when Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg got stoned and recapped "Game of Thrones"? Well, there's more from Rogen's visit to the rapper's "Double G News Network," which turned out to be surprisingly educational for both of them.

Note: This article -- and the video above -- contain explicit language.

Watch as Rogen teaches Snoop how to roll a perfect cross joint. In return, Snoop schools Rogen on the origin of the word "chronic" ("White boy came and he had some shit called hydroponic, but we got so motherfucking high [we thought he said] hydrochronic. And that's when we started calling it chronic").

Rogen previously produced a more detailed tutorial on the wonder that is the cross joint, but it's not as if he was going to pass up the opportunity to teach Snoop Dogg how to roll what was described in "Pineapple Express" as the "apex of the vortex of joint engineering."

Snoop, clearly impressed with Rogen's rolling talents, told the actor, "You creative as a motherfucker."

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