Seth Rogen Talks Pube Trimming, Porn Habits

Seth Rogen visited Conan Friday night and talked about his appearance in the April 2009 issue of Playboy. He was the ninth man to grace the cover of the magazine.

"It's been Burt Reynolds eight times and then me," he joked. "So it's quite a distinction."

Though he did not have to strip (he was photographed holding a fan for a brunette model) Rogen said that his first thought when asked to pose for the mag was his pubic hair grooming.

"It's been a lifelong battle for me personally. I used to trim them and they would grow back thicker, so where I'm at now with it is I let them grow out then I put them in a bun," he said.

He also discussed his girlfriend's curiosity about his porn habits. "She can pretty much assume it's whenever she's not in the room."


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