Seth Rogen Used His Wife's Makeup For A Movie Premiere And Looked Great

"You're not the first man to nick his wife’s concealer."
11/14/2017 10:25am ET

Seth Rogen doesn’t mess around when he gets a zit.

The 35-year-old actor and comedian tweeted Sunday that he used his wife’s makeup before the premiere of “The Disaster Artist” to cover up a massive blemish.

Actor Jacob Tremblay, who is 11, told Rogen he relies on his mom’s makeup:


A lot of people on Twitter admitted they’d shared makeup with their partner:

It seems like everything worked out for Rogen in the end, as his blemish is totally covered up:

Barry King via Getty Images
Seth Rogen and James Franco at the screening of "The Disaster Artist" on Nov. 12 in Hollywood. 
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images
They should call Rogen "The Makeup Artist." 

Now we just need to find out what line of makeup his wife uses.