Seth Rogen's GQ Cover Spawned A Whole Lot Of Thirsty Tweets

Many on the internet lusted over the "Long Shot" star's photos.

Seth Rogen just graced the cover of GQ and the internet doesn’t seem to have any chill about it. 

The 37-year-old actor, who’s starring in new rom-com “Long Shot” with Charlize Theron, was featured on the June/July issue of the magazine. The photos from his beach shoot, which were unveiled on Tuesday, set off a flurry of thirsty tweets. 

Some social media users remarked on the star’s glow-up, while others asserted that they’d been O.G. fangirls of Rogen’s ― long before the cover. 

 A few really just wanted more pictures. 

And some Twitter users felt the photos were proof Rogen was a good role model. 

While the “Long Shot” star received a lot of love across the internet, his pup, Zelda, who also had the honor of being featured on the cover, definitely had a few fans, too. Rogen himself couldn’t help fangirling over the dog. 

And this one pup even took a thirst trap pic for Zelda. 

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