Setting Intentions When You Cleanse or Detox

If I can stick this out, get past the cravings and crankiness, I will feel so much more confident and look so much better. 

Is this your approach when you detox or cleanse? Say yes and you are doomed. 

It isn't that cleansing and detox programs are bad. I actually believe they have a lot of benefit and healing power. The concern lies in the reasoning why most people choose to buy in to a particular product, set of juices or any type of program. 

Any type of drastic diet change, temporary or not, should be done not with the intention of hitting a certain number on the scale or a specific dress size. These targets don't measure health and if you do hit them, it probably won't give you the kind of joy you are looking for. At least not for long.

A friend of mine, Arbonne consultant Robin Dales, gifted me with all I needed to participate in her company's 30 Days To Healthy Living program. Off the menu were all processed foods, gluten and dairy. This time around (a much older and wiser me) went into the challenge with a healthy outlook on the kind of results I was looking for. 

  • Exploring new foods
  • The chance to experiment with recipes 
  • Getting out of my comfort zone
  • Celebrating milestones and not feeling guilty if I "slip up"
  • Understanding what my body needs
  • Deciphering and breaking habits

The last point is the one I want to emphasize. We all need to reset once and a while. It's funny how we don't question a car oil change or when to water our garden. Yet, when it comes to our everyday habits, we often never take the time to stop and evaluate whether or not they serve us in the way we want them to. 

Would I recommend a cleanse or detox program? Absolutely! Like most things in life, you don't know until you try. 

Whatever type of health experiment you decide to venture into, be sure it is helping you get closer to good health for your mind, body, and soul. 

It's the best way to live a full life. 

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