Settlers Of Catan Board Game Turned Into A Book (VIDEO)

The Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular board games of recent times. It's a kind of trading and resource allocation game where each player tries to get a certain number of settlements and cities on the board (which represents the island of Catan), in order to win.

Hugely popular, it's generated a number of spin-off board games and video games - and now it's a novel.

Originally published in Germany (where Catan was created), the book was written by Rebecca Gablé - among other things, one of Neil Gaiman's German translators.

The book goes on sale on November 15th, published by Amazon's imprint AmazonCrossing. See below for the book's trailer, released today:

This is the first game-to-book adaptation we can think of. But what books do you think would make great board games? Let us know in the comments!