Seven Awesome iPhone Tricks

In recent years, Apple has dominated the technology industry and it seems as though a large percentage of people all around the world now have some form of Apple product. Whether it is an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or iMac, there is no denying that the company has done extremely well and a high percentage of people now have access to their products. With this in mind, you would have thought that everyone would already be aware of all the tricks and tips but this isn't necessarily the case. In fact, there are a number of different iPhone tricks that not many people are aware of so hopefully this will help you to enjoy your experience even more!

Custom Rejections: Sometimes, the most obvious phone tricks stare us in the face and this is often seen on the screen when receiving a call; we tend to see who is calling, the slide button to answer, and not much else. However, the little 'Message' button allows you to send a quick message as a reason for not answering. There are a couple of basic outlines or you can even customize your own message so instead of ignoring a call, you can let them know that you will call them back or whatever the situation may be.

Vibration Settings: At some point or another, we have all been in the situation where the phone is ringing in the pocket and we have to make a split decision whether to check to see who it is or not; we don't want to look rude to the person we are with (especially if it is a business meeting) but the call might be important.

For this reason, Apple has included a custom vibration option so you can tell who is calling without even looking at the phone. Just like you can choose a ringtone for different people, you can assign different vibration patterns to your contacts. This is a great solution to the previous problem and means that you only have to take your phone from your pocket if you know for sure that the call is important.

Flash Notification: Again, this is another fantastic tip for notifications and one that I saw recently on UnlockBoot (which is a hub for all Apple news and tricks). What if you have your phone on silent but still want to know if you have any notifications without constantly checking? Apple has addressed this issue by adding the flash notification option.

As long as your mobile is on silent and the vibration alert has been turned off, you can set a flash notification to receive a quick flash from the back light whenever you have a message, email, or phone call. In your 'Settings', you will find 'General' and then 'Accessibility'. Once you reach this section, there will be an option to turn on 'LED Flash for Alerts'.

Taking a Photo Whilst Filming: Have you ever started recording something only to think 'I wish I had taken a photo beforehand'? If you have, this isn't a problem with iPhones because as you may have noticed, there is a little camera button in the corner of your screen even whilst you are recording. If you hit this, you will take a quick picture of whatever is framed which will be sent to your photos without disrupting the recording.

Do Not Disturb Unless...: Sometimes, people avoid using the 'Do Not Disturb' function because there are certain people they are waiting to hear from; this can lead to frustration because all notifications will continue to come through. However, in the 'Settings' there is an opportunity to specify who you shouldn't be disturbed by. For example, if you are going into an important meeting or into a library, you can set it to only allow calls from your favorites and of course your list of favorites can be edited. This can be a great way to set up a wall for your phone in important situations where only the chosen calls will be filtered through.

Timer with Music: Do you ever listen to music in bed and fall asleep or maybe just decide that you only have a certain amount of time to listen to music? Normally, you wake up half-way through the night to find the music still playing or you have to keep checking the time; however, there is an appropriate setting to make this process easier. In your 'Clock' app, there is a timer section which normally plays a tune once the time is up. If you click on where it says the name of the tune that will play and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see 'Stop Playing' (as long as you are playing music). Now, when the timer runs out, the music will stop playing fixing both of the problems mentioned before.

Ask Siri: Finally, everyone knows about Siri but not everyone utilizes this function as much as possible. Siri can help to search the internet, find restaurants and all sorts but did you know that it can even be quicker than some of the apps on your phone. For example, the calculator is extremely handy but if you need a sum completed even quicker, asking Siri can take just a matter of seconds. As long as you speak clearly, you can complete really tricky sums in moments.

So there we have it, seven simple tips that will make your iPhone even more helpful than ever before. Of course, this list is endless and there are a multitude of different options to personalize your experience but these are just a few I use every day!