Seven for iOS7

My look at the top features I'm loving in the new iOS 7 update to my iPhone 5.

Notification Center with Weather and Stocks - Great to wake up in the morning, and even with the screen locked you can swipe from the top and get a little summary of the day's happenings. This screen just keeps getting better with each update.

Control Strip with Light and Calculator - They added a new pop up when you swipe from the bottom up and you get quick access to a calculator (awesome), Flashlight (super handy), Wifi, Bluetooth, Timer, etc. Again it works when the screen is locked so you can easily use the flashlight to find your way without having to enter your lock screen code.

Folders - Am loving the new look and multiple pages for icons. You can now store unlimited apps inside a folder. It shows nine on the screen at a time, swipe right to left and see the next nine.

Safari Rocks - Much faster now with a great interface for open tabs, the ability to enter search items in the address bar, quick way to send a link via text, e-mail or social sites

Swipe right to left in mail
- The one change I'm still getting used to is the change in Mail. To delete a message you now swipe over it right to left. This change did add a new button that allows you to quickly move or reply to the message as well as delete it.

Auto Update Apps - For those of us who hate seeing Number badges on our icons, just turn this option on and it will update apps in the background. For those who don't like updates to their popular apps you might want to avoid this and just listen to other people's feedback when apps are updated.

New Look for Notes, Calendar Reminders and Mail
- Everything got a cleaner look that I really love after using it for a week. The new Notes app (which I used to write this story) has removed those lines that looked so outdated.

For those of you on iPhone 4's who have already upgraded, here's an article that should help you regain some of your battery life:

One final piece of advice for iPad owners, I'd wait a little while longer until they work out some of the issues as it's still incredibly buggy. During the beta process they concentrated on the iPhone version so it's way ahead of the iPad one for bug fixes. My look at the top features I'm loving in the new iOS 7 update to my iPhone 5.

By Dave Dinsmore