Seven Reasons Why Trump And America Need To Leave Syria Alone

Does anyone really believe President Trump’s feigned sympathy for Syrian children?
Assad and Trump
Assad and Trump

Does anyone really believe President Trump’s feigned sympathy for Syrian children? Do they really believed that he unleashed a volley of deadly missiles because he was emotionally stirred by images of helpless infants writhing in pain from chemical weapons?

Before you try to humanize the mogul, please remember that this is the same sadistic soul who has been yearning for an opportunity to annihilate the kindergarten offspring of suspected terrorists? And let’s not forget that this is the extremist xenophobe who has been doing everything in his power to deny refuge to suffering Syrian toddlers.

The media response is predictable. As the war drums echo around the globe, the propaganda hounds are falling in line. Emboldened by Republican and Democratic cheer leaders, the dominant narrative is one that suggests that the President’s actions are somehow justified. Unfortunately, we forget that neither the President nor the nation he leads has earned the right to accuse any other nation or national leader of crimes against humanity.

Here are seven reasons why:

1. We Don’t Really Know Who’s Responsible

How do we know that the Assad regime is responsible for the chemical attack? Think about it ― Assad already had the rebels on the run and was actively seeking to broker some type of peace deal. As controversial Libertarian, Ron Paul perceptively muses, why would he jeopardize this by doing something that he knows would evoke the collective ire of the Washington war hawks?

Simplistic infantile taunts from paid political pundits calling Assad crazy may work for those with a narrow view of the world, but every thinking person should demand a more mature justification for declaring war. Have we not learned anything from the scapegoating of Colin Powell, who served as the unwitting deceiver to a world that naïvely trusted the veracity of the combined United States intelligence reports? Have we not learned that “alternative facts” in the American political realm did not originate with Donald Trump?

2. We Have Our Own Terrible Track Record with Chemical Weapons

Even if it can be proven without a shadow of doubt that President Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons, what moral credibility would President Trump have to condemn him? In fact, what moral authority would any United States’ President have—Democrat or Republican? Have we forgotten that we are the only nation that has ever unleashed nuclear fury on another?

Don’t we have a President whose jobs program includes the expansion of our formerly shrinking nuclear arsenal? Have we forgotten our liberal use of napalm in Vietnam and other war zones? Are we in denial about our current use of white phosphorous on foreign battle fields, a terrible weapon of war that burns its victims to the bone?

3. We Really Don’t Care About Muslim Children

President Trump’s attempt to channel the warm and cuddly Mr. Rogers in his feigned contempt over the atrocity may have fooled some people, but some of us can see right through his pretentious façade. If he really believed that young “Syrian Lives Matter,” he would never have enforced a travel ban on vulnerable refugees.

Further, didn’t one of his first acts of presidential violence result in the murder of an eight-year-old American girl? Did he really believe that the Tomahawk missiles had the intelligence to distinguish between airplanes and the four infant casualties of his most recent act of aggression?

Here again, this is not just an indictment on Mr. Trump; our entire country has the blood of innocent children on its hand. Although he was nowhere nearly as depraved as his successor, even President Obama appeared comfortable with the concept of human “collateral damage” with his escalation of drone warfare. As a result, an untold number of souls will never mature to realize their dreams. Sadly, most of us remain silent because the young Arab casualties are not our “cute” kids from America who are worthy of the “Sandy Hook Promise.”

4. We View War as a Business Opportunity

It seems to me that President Trump is using the children of this tragedy as props for an unpaid infomercial for his grand plan to create more jobs in the nation he yearns to make “great again.” Immediately after Trump garnered victory over Clinton, Raytheon shares experienced a 7.5% surge. In case you’re wondering, Raytheon is the manufacturer of the 59 Tomahawk missiles used in this week’s $59 million fireworks’ show.

I have no doubt that Raytheon’s executives are already planning how to spend their multi-million dollar bonuses after they have hired at-will workers to replace the spent missiles at a much higher cost per unit. More troubling, I will be very surprised if the trail to those who madly grabbed the appreciating Raytheon shares did not lead to those connected to our Congressional representatives and the President’s circle of oligarchs. The military industrial complex is alive and well!

5. We Don’t Respect the Muslim Middle East

In the same mode as the evil medieval Crusaders, President Trump appears to view the Middle East as a rich man’s playground that is ripe for exploitation. He has made no secret about his desire to steal Arab oil to pay for the rebuilding of societies that were decimated by United States’ foreign policy. He couldn’t care less about the impact such an act would have on a nation’s ability to rebuild.

In fact, this week’s undeniable enticement to war was a direct affront to a sovereign—though fractured—nation. If he’s so concerned about human rights abuses in the region, why doesn’t he act against the apartheid attitudes that permeate Netanyahu’s regime?

Sadly, he is not alone in his blatant disrespect. It was no surprise that Bibi himself would declare that Trump “sent a strong and clear response.” I even expected “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran” McCain to flood the airways with his “it’s about time” venomous rhetoric.

What disappointed me most was Hillary’s contribution to the warmongering mob. It’s obvious that she has learned nothing from her misdirected and imperialist targeting of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi. Mr. Trump has allies in strange places.

6. We Attack and Europe Pays the Price

Clinton and Trump appear totally unconcerned about the reality that Europe is often left to pay the price for America’s militarism. I am 100% convinced that our foreign policy would be drastically different if we were in closer proximity to the Middle East. However, isolated on both coasts by thousands of miles of ocean and with powerful military installations strategically embedded in other peoples’ countries, we act in that region with bullish impunity.

The President can say what he wants about Europe’s “contribution” to NATO, but an argument can easily be made that America benefits the most from the alliance. The apparent response to this week’s aggression did not occur in Sacramento, California but Stockholm, Sweden. Further, while Trump devises executive orders to keep out the already embarrassingly paltry number of refugees from our nation, Europe is left with the arduous task of absorbing about 1.5 million people who have been displaced as a direct result of American interference in Middle East affairs.

7. We Are Obsessed by Polls

While America’s forebears in Western Europe deal with the economic and societal fallout of our actions we are left to discern why our megalomaniac President chose to bring the nation to the edge of war. America was not attacked or even threatened, so why did he do it? If it really were about human rights, as he purports (and the Chinese President diplomatically agreed), he would have to explain why he doesn’t believe that American children have the right to healthcare, housing and education.

So why did he do it? Had Hillary Clinton or John McCain been president, we could easily have chalked it up to machismo. However, Trump’s motivation is probably pure ego. It’s all about the polls. His numbers have been steadily declining and he so desperately needed a boost. This was a no brainer for him. With the distraction of war, people probably won’t notice that the March jobs’ rate was way below expectations. The fickle public would quickly forget about his campaign’s links to Russian operatives. The professional perpetrator would reinvent himself as a proficient commander-in-chief and when his poll numbers start to ascend, he will look in the mirror and mouth softly to his reflection, “Mission accomplished!”