7 Ways to Give Without Spending a Dime

This blog was originally posted on The Daily Do Good.

It's easy to think of the word "charity" and imagine writing large checks, but monetary donations are only one way to give. And though there are many, many organizations doing wonderful work to help the less fortunate, doing good and giving does not have to be applied to only to the non-profit world. Here are (lucky) seven everyday ways to do good.

1) Use outdoor space to plant food to donate. Even those with very little room can create gardens with a little ingenuity.

2) Set up a table at your local library (ask first!) and offer to help job-seekers with their resumes.

3) Clear your closets each quarter, and give clothes directly to a homeless person. Bonus: Cleaning out your closet can do you good!

4) Back to the library -- use your computer abilities to help teach low-income neighbors looking to increase their job skill set.

5) Writers and editors can volunteer their time with publications like Street Sense.

6) If you have a car, offer to run errands or give rides to your senior neighbors.

7) Visit a local shelter to offer homework help or do a story circle for children.

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