The Seventh Season Of 'Parks And Recreation' Will Be Its Last

The Seventh Season Of 'Parks And Recreation' Will Be Its Last

NBC has announced that the seventh season of "Parks and Recreation" will be its last.

"We have several of our strongest comedies by some of our best auspices being held for midseason, including the final season of Parks and Recreation," NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said in the release, also confirming the renewal of "Parenthood" for a sixth season.

After a somewhat bumpy season -- including the show being quietly put on hiatus in October -- many felt the finale felt like it could have ended the series.

The show has faced cancellation before, but having an entire season to prepare for conclusion is a luxury that the show is lucky to have. Back in April, showrunner Mike Shur told THR that he knew the "finish line [was] in sight." "The idea that we're nearing the end is part of what gave us the courage to do something like jumping ahead in time," he said. "We know we don't have to sustain it for five years. It's a move you do when you know that the show is nearing the end of its run."

Although NBC has not officially announced an official count, the general assumption is that they will have 13 more episodes to tie up the loose ends for Pawnee. While a part of us is dreading the thought of a Knope-less universe, we're thankful for the seven seasons that "Parks" will leave behind as a legacy for us to forever binge-watch whilst drinking snake juice.

"Parks And Rec" airs Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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