Alan Rickman brought the "Harry Potter" character to life.
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As a hero disguised as a villain, Severus Snape was forced to bear the brunt of a lot of hate until we all realized just how incredible he was. We're just lucky that J.K. Rowling -- and actor Alan Rickman -- knew his true allegiance all along.

A few years ago, YouTube user kcawesome13 compiled a video depicting the magical story of Severus Snape in chronological order, spanning all eight "Harry Potter" films. It shows Snape's most important moments (and his true story) in the way it was meant to be told.

"I made this video to counteract the overwhelming amount of Snape hate I've seen on Tumblr over the last couple years," writes kcawesome13.

As we mourn Alan Rickman's death, let us remember one of his greatest characters -- Professor Snape -- in the way he ought to be remembered.

Watch the video below and try to hold back your tears:

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