Sevilla Fans Protest With Tennis Balls During Match Against Levante (VIDEO)

Sevilla supporters don't seem to care as much about the "Clasico" as television executives who rearranged the weekend schedule around the marquee matchup.

Upset that the start time of their own side's match was pushed all the way to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night to accomodate the Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Sevilla fans protested by hurling hundreds of tennis balls onto the field less than a minute into their match against Levante on Saturday.

According to Dirty Tackle, fans took aim at Real Madrid Jose Mourinho's post-match press conference by holding up a big sign that said "Stop the match, Mourinho is talking." With Madrid having defeated Barcelona, the "Special One" certainly would have appreciated the extra attention.

As Reuters pointed out, FC Basel supporters did the same thing in 2010 when a match time was changed to avoid overlap with a tennis tournament.

We're not sure why fans have turned to tennis balls for protests, but if the trend keeps up these moments could turn into something similar to hockey projectiles.