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15 Useful Sex Accessories To Add To The Bedroom

A list of the best accessories for better sex, from CBD oil to toy cleaners.

Let’s not beat around the bush — sex has its ups and downs. Though there are plenty of titillating sex toys every couple should try at least once, finding the right toys for your and your partner isn’t quick work.

Like sex, there are many different kinds of toys and accessories out there, all with different uses and purposes. You’ve got discreet sex toys for travel, and sexy couples gifts you wouldn’t want opened in front of an audience. From hands-free vibrators with wings to CBD oil for increased sex drive, there are plenty of toys and accessories that’ll take your roll in the sheets to a new level.

If you’re looking to switch up your bedroom routine, we’ve found some of the best sex accessories you’re missing. Take a look below.

Here, 15 useful sex accessories to add to your night stand:

CBD Hemp Oil Drops
Sexperts say that those who suffer from stress or performance anxiety in the bedroom can alleviate their symptoms with CBD oil. Some sexperts believe CBD oil, the non-psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant, could boost spontaneity and increase sensitivity to touch and sexual pleasure. This 15 percent CBD oil from Endoca is made with pure organic hemp, and it helps regulate everything from sleep and appetite to mood, pain and inflammation. Get it at Endoca.
Clitoral Jolt Gel
The babes at Unbound believe that conversation isn't the only thing that can be stimulating. This clitoral stimulating gel is made with peppermint oil to cool and then heat up, increasing blood flow to the clitoris. Believe it when they say that a little goes a long way. Get the Unbound Clitoral Jolt Gel here.
Toy Cleaning Spray
Whether you have one two, or an entire drawer full of them, it's good to have a toy cleaning spray on hand to keep them in their best shape. This fast-acting and alcohol-free spray is safe on silicone, rubber and latex toys, and comes in an elegant bottle. Get this toy cleaning spray from LELO here.
Moon Juice Sex Dust
This is one of the more unique sex accessories on our list, but for good reason. This herby formula contains ingredients that relieve stress, boost energy, increase libido and promote vitality that'll "ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom." For what it's worth, it has a 4.1-star rating on Sephora, and nearly 81 percent of users would recommend it. Get Sex Dust by Moon Juice here.
A Hands-Free Clitoral Vibrator
Dame Products
If you're looking for hands-free accessories to use with a partner, this winged vibrator will revolutionize your hands-free play. Its little wings tuck under the labia, while the vibe itself sits on top so you can have full control even during penetrative sex. Get the Eva II from Dame Products here.
Over-The-Door Hanging Restraints
For more ~adventurous couples~ this sex swing can take your bondage play to a new level. It's one of Amazon's best-selling swings, likely because it's made of durable material, is easy to install (and ideal for rented spaces!) and can be adjusted to use in several different positions. Get this over-the-door bondage restraint swing on Amazon.
Truth Or Dare Cards
Who says games are just for kids? This Truth Or Dare card set from Unbound is loaded with cheeky questions and racy dares. Get it at Unbound.
An M-Cup
This high-tech, silicone masturbation cup has six intense vibrating sensations that you can control remotely via a mobile app, so it's fun for both solo play and couples. It's made of body-safe silicone, is nearly silent and is also waterproof. Get the PicoBong Blowhole M-Cup here.
Massage Candle
This aromatic candle gently melts into a pool of soft and sensual massage oil. It's made from soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil, and comes in three scents: vanilla and creme de cacao, snow pear and cedar wood and black pepper and pomegranate. Get this Flickering Touch Massage Candle from LELO.
The Sexperts at Unbound believes kinks can also be time efficient. These cuffs are designed to restrain your partner (or yourself) without the elaborate knots, ties and locks that come with traditional cuffs. They're made from body-safe silicone that's comfortable and strong enough to hold up in all kinds of different positions. Get the Unbound Cuffies here.
Orgasm Balm
This silky-smooth balm heightens sensitivity in stimulating areas like the clitoris and nipples to increase your sensual experience, whether with a partner or during solo play. It's cherry scent is enticing enough to lick off your partner, so it's a good thing it's safe to consume, too. Get the Lovehoney Oh! Cherry Orgasm Balm here.
If you're looking for an accessory that'll build vaginal strength while also doubling as a vibrator, this Kegel exercise toy is just the thing. It includes three sets of weights that increase in size, so you can gradually build up the strength of your vaginal walls. Because it also includes 10 quiet vibrating modes, it can also be used as a personal vibrator. Get the We-Vibe Bloom Kegel Balls here.
Sex Toy And Body Wipes
Whether you're fooling around at home, or on the go, these two-in-one wipes will take care of you and your favorite sex toys. Use them for a quick and easy clean up afterward, for both yourself and your favorite vibe or plug. Plus, they're made with soothing aloe and are biodegradable. Get these Lovehoney Toy And Body Wipes.
A Plug
This smooth, silicone plug is designed with comfort in mind. It gradually builds to 1.3 inches, and can be used from beginners and on. Just make sure to pair it with a water-based lube, as it's not compatible with silicone lubes. Get the Unbound Romp here.
Bed Cuffs
For couples who aren't afraid of light bondage, this bed restraint kit has everything you need to take things to the next level. You can use them in several different positions, and the cuffs are lined with soft fluff for extra comfort. Plus, you can easily tuck the straps away after play for easy clean up. Get these bondage restraints cuffs on Amazon.
Water-Based Personal Moisturizer
Whether you're playing solo, using toys or are teamed up with a partner, this water-based lubricant will keep your skin feeling soft, sensitive and luxurious. Get this personal moisturizer from LELO here.

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