4 Pieces Of Sex Advice From A 98-Year-Old

4 Pieces Of Sex Advice From A 98-Year-Old

While the idea of receiving sex advice from your grandma might seem a little uncomfortable, you should definitely listen to what this badass older lady has to say.

This week, Esquire published an excerpt from Dana Adam Shapiro’s You Can Be Right (Or You Can Be Married), a collection of conversations with divorcees. One of the people Shapiro interviewed was a 98-year-old woman named Pauline. After three marriages and an affair, Pauline has plenty of love and sex advice to dispense.

Here are four pieces of wisdom that she had to offer:

1. "First of all, you have to be sexually compatible. That’s very important. If anyone tells you different, they’re nuts."

2. "It’s very hard to spice things up after ten years. If you haven’t got that feeling, and he hasn’t got that feeling, get a divorce. It’s the only way. You’re better off alone. Because when you live with someone that doesn’t make you happy, it’s miserable. It’s worse than being alone."

3. "You have to give all of yourself to make the other person happy. But you have to make it so that you each want to give that much."

4. "You’ve got to have a lot of passion and you’ve got to have a lot of feeling. Without feeling, there’s nothing, it’s just an act -- and that’s no good."

Pauline seems like a pretty sage lady if you ask us.

Click over to Esquire to read the full interview with Pauline.

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