Sex After 50 Means Being 'Overwhelmed With Possibilities'

On Monday, we launched a special Sex After 50 series that includes a week of blogs, videos and stories about sex, love and dating after 50. Our first video featured Michael C. Bryan, a gay, 50-something single looking for love. And our second video featured Joe Seldner, a straight, 60-something single -- also looking for love. Today's video features Maryjane Fahey, a sexy single having the time of her life. In addition to the video, we asked Maryjane five questions. Her answers are below. Check out our other Sex After 50 stories here.

Huff/Post50: How has sex and dating changed for you after age 50 compared to the way it was when you were, say, in your 20s?

Maryjane: Completely. I do not need men any more, like I did in my 20s and 30s. I was obsessed with my dating/mating life. Now, I have to say, my feeling is: love is great, sex is necessary and if you find a "click" it's delicious... but I don't need it. Beautiful icing on the cake! Also, getting that we all have "issues." When young, I was looking for the "perfect." There is no perfect. Duh! That just took 35 years to "get."

Huff/Post50: What's the biggest challenge you face in today's dating scene?

Maryjane: There are just so many sites and possible mates available. It's hard not to be overwhelmed with possibilities. It's kind of "a job" if you go online. So, oddly, I would say the biggest challenge is editing and finding the jewels. They are out there. Takes being in the mood... and a glass of wine and pals help make it fun.

Huff/Post50: What's the biggest myth surrounding sex and dating after 50?

Maryjane: That women are not marketable after 50. We are visible, not invisible. We have more "presence." I would urge women to not be obsessed about their looks, but be healthy, be comfortable and enjoy the surprising amount of attention out there -- IF you want it.

Huff/Post50: Who was your favorite sex symbol growing up?

Maryjane: The cartoon host, Sandy Becker... what can I say? I have liked a funny man since I was 6.

Huff/Post50: What celebrity older than 50 would you describe as totally sexy today?

Maryjane: There are so many! For men: Liam Neeson (when he's not coloring his hair). For women: I'm having a Julia Louis-Dreyfus moment, but there are so many.

Maryjane Fahey
Writer, designer, animator
Co author: DUMPED, a breakup bible for women


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