5 Reasons Sex Is Better At 50 Than 25


Can we talk about sex? It's not just for the youngsters with tight bodies and loose inhibitions. Some of us middle-aged grandmothers enjoy a regular dance between the sheets, and we don't care if that bothers anyone. Making love is so much better than leaning against the gyrating washing machine to stimulate sensual feelings of our former youth.

One of the many advantages of getting older is that we know what we like and don't like. And now we laugh when remembering those ten minutes of frantic fumbling in the back seat of a teenager's car after the high school game. At our age, we prefer Egyptian cotton sheets, soft jazz, and the luxury of foreplay. We're not only older but a lot wiser.

Here are five reasons why sex is better at age 50 than at 25.

1. Horny hound dogs. In their twenties, many men are so horny that a strong breeze could send their flag flying. This makes for an awkward situation when you're discussing your recent book club selection and your date is trying to hide the sudden tent in his pants. At 50, it usually takes a longer time for men to get aroused, and that's just fine with the women.

2. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. At 25, most people are concerned about careers or finding and keeping a job. The stress can hamper performance in the bedroom, leading to frustration and more stress. After five decades, we've established our careers and know that there is life and love beyond the job. An embossed business card isn't necessary to prove our worth to a partner.

3. Pregnancy Prevention. It's difficult for women over 50 to conceive. That's mainly because we don't want to get pregnant. We've raised our children and some of us have grandchildren, so there no need to cry with joy or alarm over a pregnancy test. And, after a certain age, we no longer worry about getting a surprise period in the middle of a romantic vacation. The money I've saved by not buying feminine supplies now is used to stock my wine cabinet. This is a win-win situation.

4. Children cause Coitus Interruptus. Those of us who had children in our twenties knew that passion was postponed for at least 18 years. If we got lucky and the kids were asleep, we could lock our bedroom door and try for a quickie. But as soon as we got going there came the predictable knock on the door from a little person who needed a drink of water or was puking on the carpet. By age 50, the kids have moved out and on, so we can enjoy sex in the middle of the day and leave the bedroom door wide open. We also get to sleep naked which further enhances any amorous opportunity.

5. What you see is what you get. I used to buy compression garments in multiple quantities and sizes and then stuff my aging body into the casing in order to look more attractive. As a result, I couldn't breathe and the constriction rearranged my internal organs until my liver was protruding over my cleavage. So I threw away the girdles, opened my robe, and presented my 50-year-old body as a trophy. So far, my husband doesn't mind the prize. He's getting older, too, and I adore his laugh lines, silver hair, and experienced touch.

There are more reasons why sex is better at age 50, but that's enough for now. I feel the urge to go find my 50-something husband and invite him inside for a play date. No batteries required.

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