Sex After 50 Can Be Your Best Ever By Embracing Your Changing Body, Dating Expert Says (VIDEO)

At 68 years old, Ken Solin says he's having the best sex of his life, and it's as easy as accepting what his body can no longer do and embracing the new pleasures it can experience.

Solin is an author who works as AARP's dating expert, and he hears from men who see their changing sexual stamina as a loss. But he told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker that the physical limitations that come with age have made his sex life better than ever.

"When I was younger I used to take some tantra classes. Men who get older naturally lose some of these abilities, and one of them is ejaculation... [which is] much more difficult as you get older. That's not the bad news," he said. "You can have a million small orgasms, which is what I've discovered."

Solin said he and his 64-year-old partner have sex as often as three times a day. He admitted that after dating for only eight months things are still fresh, but the couple shares a deep love that Solin feels makes sex better than it would be otherwise.

"When men get older, the notion their bodies will support casual sex, I think, is wrong. They won't," Solin said. "The older men get, the more they need to have some sort of an emotional connection."

The key to good sex after 50, Solin said, is telling your partner exactly what turns you on and allowing time to take it in.

"What's the most enjoyable for my partner and me is a real slow waltz that lasts for hours, as opposed to the piston-pounding like when I was younger," he said. "Now that I'm older, it's this very slow, easy waltz that goes on and on and on. My partner has orgasm after orgasm. I have orgasms without ejaculating."

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