HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: This Is What Sex After 70 Is Really Like

This Is What Sex After 70 Is Really Like

Growing old and having sex might not be the first topics that come up at most dinner parties, but that doesn't mean they aren't both a big part of most people's lives.

If you're lucky enough to get to that "certain age," do you retire from your sex life at the same time you retire from your career?

Probably (hopefully!) not -- but popular culture doesn't give us much of an indication otherwise. From the way it's told in movies and in magazines, lust, sensuality and sexual exploration seem to be territory that belongs exclusively to the young. Sure, there are subtle hints of things that might go wrong with our bodies as we age -- we see them in ads for Viagra in men's magazines or ads for vaginal dryness on Lifetime -- but seniors having awesome sex is rarely something we see or talk about.

So what's the real deal when it comes to getting it on in the golden years?

In this week's episode of The HuffPost Love+Sex Podcast, we ask: What does sex really look like after 70?

In an attempt to answer this question, co-hosts Carina Kolodny and Noah Michelson spoke to sex and aging experts and real seniors who were willing to open up and get candid about their sex lives, including: Joan Price, author of The Ultimate Guide To Sex After Fifty; author and activist Angus Whyte; Dr. Madeline Castellano AKA 'The Sex MD' and a New Orleans grandma named Prissy.

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