Sex And Blunts: Two Men Arrested For Inappropriate Fast Food Orders

Another day, two more examples of completely inappropriate incidents at fast food establishments.

In Goshen, Ct., John Traonetta, 35, was charged with second-degree harassment after ordering takeout and requesting to perform a sex act on a teenaged female employee at the Zoar Drive-In. Traonetta has agreed to write an apology to the woman.

Moving down the East Coast, Shawn Porter, 32, of Deltona, Fl. got himself arrested after asking for "a blunt and some herbs" at a Burger King drive-through. The cashier could smell marijuana coming from his car and a store manager called 911. The manager acknowledged that the incident was more of a nuisance than a major emergency. The police ran Porter's tags, located his car and discovered about 28 grams of pot -- hundreds of dollars worth of the drug. He is being held on a $1,000 bond.

Maybe enough people have called fast food an addictive vice that people have started to think drive-throughs are places to fulfill all your guilty desires. We fear what could come next.