'Sex And The City' In 60 Seconds (VIDEO)


"Sex & The City 2" hits theaters this week, and most likely those who will go see it are either die-hard fans or boyfriends of die-hard fans. But what if you've never even seen an episode? There's no need to fret, because there's "Sex & The City In 60 Seconds," the hilarious video detailing what these four sex-hungry, shoe-hungry, Cosmo-thirsty ladies are all about. Over the last 10 years they've had stereotypical gay friends, archetypal boyfriends and slept with every man in New York "under the guise of feminism." Now they're headed to Abu Dhabi to do it again... Over there... For some reason. The point is, everything you need to know about "Sex & The City" is in the video below.


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