'Sex And The City' Writer Liz Tuccillo Didn't Think Carrie Should End Up With Big

"Sex and the City" fans were elated to see Carrie Bradshaw, their heroine of six seasons, finally secure the elusive heart of longtime love Mr. Big. But in the show's writers' room, the verdict was mixed.

Liz Tuccillo, a writer for the show's last two seasons, told HuffPost Live that she remembers well when the series showrunner Michael Patrick King came to the writers to start the discussion about how to end the series.

"Michael Patrick King was like, 'Let's talk about if they should stay together in the end,'" the "Take Care" director recalled. "We were all, like, fighting and arguing, and I was actually somebody who didn't think she should be with Big in the end."

But according to Tuccillo, the plan for Carrie to end up with Big was likely in place from the start.

"The truth is, I think Michael Patrick King always knew they were going to be together and was just being very generous as a showrunner," she explained.

King penned the final two episodes -- in addition to the subsequent two films -- and years later, Tuccillo agrees with his choice.

"Now I'm happy they stayed together," she affirmed.

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