Sex and The City The Movie. Part Deux.

The moment I read about the Sex and the City movie sequel I thought, "they've got to tone things down." They can't ignore the recession, particularly in New York.
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If you're not a fan of Sex and the City, you probably won't want to read this.

I thoroughly enjoyed the SATC movie, though it had its faults. It was a little long. I thought Jennifer Hudson was miscast. And I found it totally implausible that Big did not find a way to contact Carrie after the wedding debacle (the best part of which was Carrie beating him over the head with the bouquet, and Charlotte mermaid-ing around the car with her funny mean look). But Big's unanswered email the only attempt to communicate? Come. On. I mean, go to her house maybe?

But aside from that, it was great -- the clothes, the dramas, the witty repartee (much of which was Samantha's). The new movie will shoot later this year and come out in 2010. Something to look forward to in bleak times. Presumably Michael Patrick King is putting the finishing touches on the script right about now.

But the moment I read the item on the sequel I thought, "they've got to tone things down." They can't ignore the recession, particularly in New York, ground zero for the financial collapse. By the time the movie comes out, we will have had two years of this and things may be worse, not better. How will they address this?

It's a sticky wicket. We all want the escapism, designer clothes, expensive restaurants, town cars. Though they've taken on serious issues before, it remains to be seen if they'll tackle the recession head on.

So, herewith some plot predictions and possibilities (and dare I say, suggestions?) some but not all of which have to do with hard times.

Career/Money (one in each category):

1) Big had a lot of money with Madoff or in some other insecure investments (isn't he in real estate?) He loses a lot of his fortune. Carrie and he would need to downsize, except one of Carrie's books has been turned into a movie, and it becomes a blockbuster. This upsets the apple cart and is a blow to Big's ego. They go to counseling, which he is of course reluctant to do. Hilarity ensues.
2)Miranda loses her job and becomes a housewife. This drives her crazy. Steve's bar continues to do well and he becomes the breadwinner, despite that fact that most restaurants in New York are hurting and will continue to.
3)Samantha has to close her agency and takes a job in-house at a PR agency. Needless to say, she has an affair with the boss or an associate.
4)Billings are down at Harry's firm because people don't get divorced when there are money troubles. Charlotte goes back to work in a gallery.


1) Carrie has a baby. Or maybe, sadly, loses a baby and is devastated even though she was unsure about becoming a mother.
2) Miranda has another baby.
3) Samantha's heretofore unmentioned sister dies and she gets custody of her niece.
4) Big had an illegitimate child he did not know about. Mother appears with child.


1)Patricia Fields throws a little J. Crew into the mix.
2)Carrie discovers that Payless has great patent leather heels for 25 bucks (it's true).
3)Carrie starts her own low-end clothing line that goes bust (also true).

Various and Sundry:

1) Transportation: We see Big on a subway.
2) Charity: Carrie works the soup line in stilettos.
3) Aging: Samantha has a facelift.
4) Abodes: Someone moves to the country (Harry and Charlotte?) but comes back because they hate it.
5) Travel: There'll be some location shooting. Maybe they all go to London for Carrie's movie premier, thereby making room for some nice English cameos.
6) Health: I don't think Samantha's cancer comes back and no one will die. (Given that the first movie grossed over $400 million and they all had points, I think they'll be leaving things open for a "threequel").
7) Romance: There needs to be a bit of dramatic tension here. I think one of their men comes back from the past and stirs things up. Aiden, The Russian, Trey? Or someone new comes into the life of Carrie or Charlotte. Yes, that's it, finger-wagging Charlotte has an affair.

Ok, that's all I've got. Clearly, I have too much spare time. Would love to hear your ideas, readers.

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