Check Out The Never-Before-Seen Alternate Opening Credits Of 'Sex And The City'

Carrie Bradshaw sans tutu? Perish the thought.

Consider the possibility of a world where Carrie Bradshaw didn’t wear a tutu in the opening credits of “Sex and the City.” We know, you can’t even attempt to imagine it ― it’s too iconic.

Well, believe it or not, the tutu almost didn’t happen. Entertainment Weekly got its hands on never-before-seen footage of the opening credits that didn’t make the cut. (You can see the video above.)

Series creator Darren Star told EW that they filmed the opening bus sequence with two wardrobe choices. In one version, actress Sarah Jessica Parker wears a blue dress and trips. In the other ― the version we all know and love ― she’s splashed by a bus while wearing a tutu.

Check out the opening credits you’ve seen a million times by now if you want to compare the two sequences:

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