Sex At Work Less Likely To Get You Fired Than Taking Company Information: Survey Says

What's worse: taking company information or having sex with one of your employees? According to a recent survey by FileTrek, 79 percent of people say taking confidential documents or information from the office is grounds for termination, compared to only 64 percent who think someone should be fired for having sex with a direct report.

The only offenses that ranked higher than taking company information were sexually harassing a co-worker (85 percent) and incompetence on the job (82 percent). Although 72 percent fear being accused of removing confidential information from the office (in fact, it’s their number-one concern), 90 percent believe people do it anyway.

Why it matters to your business: Even if you’ve instituted a company policy against removing confidential information from the office, it's likely not as watertight as you think. A bit more than 30 percent of employees think it’s OK to take confidential information home if they need to work on it at night or on weekends. And how do employees sneak the data out of the office? USB drives.