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'Sex Burglars' Sneak Into House, Have Sex In Empty Bedroom, Men Claim (VIDEO)

Talk about a hardened criminal.

An English man and woman allegedly trespassed into an apartment last weekend and were caught having sex, a surprised resident said.

The East London couple had been out drinking, the Daily Mail reports, when they slipped into an unlocked apartment, found an empty bedroom, and started their crime of passion in the early hours of Saturday morning

The owner of the bedroom, 24-year-old Sean Thorne, happened to be away for the evening, but his housemate Chris Sawyer, 27, was not. Sawyer and four friends who were staying the night awoke to the unmistakable noises coming from Thorney's bedroom. Sawyer announced the inevitable conclusion on Twitter:

Sawyer and one of his guests, Dave Cribb, tweeted about their efforts to apprehend the copulating couple:

Cribb also admitted that it was he who accidentally didn't lock the apartment in the borough of Hackney in the first place.

The men filmed the entire ordeal, resulting in a video that climaxes with the embarrassed -- and drunk -- man and woman exiting the bedroom.

The couple has not been publicly identified, though the man reportedly gave his name as "Kev." According to the Sun, several of the woman's friends went to the apartment the next day to collect belongings she had left behind in the rush to leave.

Skeptics are speculating that the whole thing is a hoax, and that the men's failure to call police indicates the sex burglary was just a set-up.

On the other hand, maybe Sawyer, Cribb and their friends just didn't think the couple deserved to have charges pressed against them:

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