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Sex Doll Slows Traffic At Crosswalk In China

Why settle for a boring-old stop sign when you have a highly realistic sex doll on hand?

An unidentified elderly woman was getting fed up with drivers speeding past a crosswalk near her home in China, according to Car News China's interpretation of Chinese-language newspaper Tiexue. Local cops offered little help, so the resourceful granny tried slowing down drivers with the aid of a strategically positioned inflatable girlfriend.

She tied the counterfeit cutie to a tree next to the crosswalk, apparently hoping that rubbernecking motorists would slow down at the sight. Based on the photo, her tactic worked in at least one case.

Let's just hope the local police force doesn't make the same mistake as officers in China's Shandong Province. Last month, 18 officers spent almost an hour rescuing a blow-up doll from a river, mistakenly thinking it was a drowning woman.

Chinese cops aren't the only ones who take sex dolls seriously, though. In 2011, 18-year-old Tyell Morton almost received a prison sentence for a prank that involved placing a blow-up doll in the girl's bathroom at his Indiana high school.

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