Robotic Sex Dolls One Step Closer To Replacing Humans Forever

“We just have to come to terms with each other and say, 'OK, that’s for you, this is for me.'"

It’s a big challenge turning static sex dolls into interactive love robots, but scientists think they’re getting over that hump.

Matt McMullen has been creating realistic-looking human dolls for sex since 1997. He tells 60 Second Docs the technology needed to make raunchier robots is getting better all the time.

60 Second Docs

People spend $5,000-to-$10,000 for lifelike dolls, but McMullen believes the real value is making the sex doll experience as real as possible.

60 Second Docs

“I’m moving into the future. I’m going to make the world’s finest love robot,” he said. “One day two people who are on two different sides of the Earth could engage sexually, through their dolls. Or they’re in a virtual environment together. I think those kind of things are going to become very commonplace.”

60 Second Docs

Some of that means programming robots that are flirty.

For instance, the video shows McMullen asking one avatar if he can take off her virtual shirt.

Her reply: “I’m not sure if you deserve it. Why should I do that?”

60 Second Docs

It might seem shocking that, for some, robots could virtually replace humans in the sex department, but McMullen thinks it’s going to happen.

“We just have to come to terms with each other and say, ‘OK, that’s for you, this is for me,’” he said.

“For some people, this is what they really want and it makes them happy and I don’t think anyone should judge them for that.”

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