Sex In A Tree Leads To Painful, Bloody Mess In 'Sex Sent Me To The E.R.' (VIDEO)

A tumble in the timber isn't the safest fantasy.

That's what couple Erik and Salina found out during a recent sex romp in a tree. They had a bloody awful experience that is dramatized on an episode of "Sex Sent Me To The E.R." airing Jan. 11 on TLC.

The couple went for a hike on their all-important third date and, for some reason, Erik suggested they attempt sex in a tree. Salina even agreed, although she secretly hated nature.

With good reason, it turns out.

The couple was trying to get freaky on a limb when Erik felt something move (On the tree, pervert).

"I felt it snap," he said on the episode. "My hands slipped and I came tumbling down."

Erik tried to hold on to the tree with his legs.

"I ended up getting skinned really good and I hit the ground," he said.

As you might expect, Salina was concerned.

"He was laying on the ground and there was blood all over his leg," she said.

Upon closer inspection, she saw that his penis was bleeding.

"Your package looks like it sprung a leak," she said.

Erik said it didn't hurt as bad as it looked, but was a bit bothered by how Salina kept staring at his sex organ.

"I think he thinks I was concerned about his penis," she said. "I was concerned about his well-being, but, of course, every woman wants to make sure a guy's functionable."

Seeing him in pain, she felt obliged to confess a secret.

"I hate nature!" she said.

The couple eventually made their way to the emergency room so Erik's injuries could be treated.

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